Johler Demolition, Inc.

A full service, bonded, insured and licensed demolition contractor, specializing in commercial and industrial demolition. As detailed in the subsections that follow, they can provide complete or partial structural and interior demolition services. Johler Demolition is a union organization that owns and maintains its own fleet of heavy equipment.

Structural Building Demolition

  • Complete industrial and commercial demolition
  • Demolition by conventional methods
  • Mechanical high reach excavator demolition
  • Surgical demolition by hand or mechanical means
  • Concrete removal and disposal
  • Concrete and brick recycling services
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals reclamation
  • Total plant acquisition and/or asset recovery

Interior / Selective Demolition

  • Office buildings
  • Industrial and commercial buildings
  • PCB ballast removal and disposal
  • Fluorescent bulb removal and disposal
  • HVAC refrigerant recovery
  • Removal and disposal of mercury containing items
  • Removal and disposal of radiation sources

Concrete Crushing and Recycling

  • On-site concrete recycling
  • Asbestos abatement and disposal
  • Lead abatement and disposal
  • Hazardous materials removal and disposal
  • Underground and above ground storage tank decontamination and removal
  • Transportation of construction and demolition debris
  • Disposal of demolition debris

Heavy Concrete Removal

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Johler sets the highest standards for safety on each and every project. Prior to initiating site operations, Johler evaluates each work task to determine potential hazards. Based on this evaluation, a set of site-specific safe work procedures are developed to ensure that the project is performed in the safest, most cost-effective manner possible. Prior to starting, as well as during the project, weekly safety meetings are held at each job site to ensure that proper safety protocols are in place and being followed. This is also a time when employees can ask/add any pertinent safety information they may have. These meetings are very important not only to the President of the company, but also to the employees, as they allow everyone involved to know that the proper steps are being taken to ensure the safety of all parties involved in a project, and that everyone is working together to help reduce the risk of work-related safety incidents from occurring.

Johler ensures that all project personnel are properly trained and experienced in the tasks they will be required to perform. The company continually trains its personnel in current safety regulations and reinforces the importance of safety compliance. Johler’s training programs are conducted by qualified safety professionals.

Johler Demolition continues to pride itself on its exemplary EMR ratings for the last several years:

Current EMR Rating = .94


Johler is constantly investing in its equipment. Johler owns and maintains their own fleet of excavators, loaders, specialized attachments and tractor trailer trucks. Johler owns excavators ranging from 3,000 lbs. – 150,000 lbs., which results in Johler having what it takes to perform most jobs they encounter. Johler has the ability to wreck structures hydraulically and/or mechanically up to 100 ft. in height, thanks to owning one of, if not the only, high reach excavators of its size in the country. Johler’s in house maintenance program ensures that their equipment is always ready for the job. Johler prides itself on owning the correct equipment for the jobs it performs and is constantly building custom equipment for the work they encounter. This not only makes the job safer, but it also allows them to be more competitive. When you hire Johler to perform your project, you will see their pride in the equipment they own.